Welcome to Bakehat

It’s been a little while coming, and we need a little bit more time, but Bakehat is nearly ready to go.

What is it exactly? If you’ve followed me at all during the past few months you’ve seen a lot of bread. And one of the best ways to get better at baking is to keep a record of all the stuff you’re doing while baking. So, I’m going to start keeping a record of everything I bake, how I do it, what ratios I use, water temperature, types of grain… everything… right here on bakehat.com.

I hope that you’ll at least leave here a little bit hungry — but even better, I hope Bakehat gets you baking bread at home and sharing your boules, baguettes, and batards with us. Let’s all learn together and make some amazing food right in our own ovens!

So, starting real soon I’ll get a few pages up helping you outfit your kitchen with the basics; I’ve been using some tools that make life easier and they’re pretty affordable. Then, we’ll get baking!

If you just want pretty pictures, make sure you follow Bakehat on Instagram, and if you want live play-by-play, you should like Bakehat on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. And show the world what you’re baking with the #bakehat hashtag.


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